The eKey Secure DtsL, the label that makes your product unique and smart

The eKey Secure DtsL (Digital Tracking System Label) is a a digital label  for :

      - certifying the authenticity  of a product,

      ensuring the traceability of a product

      - offering secure marketing applications that enhance the relationship between the consumer and the manufacturer.

eKey Secure DtsL is the unique combination of several technologies. It thus takes advantage of the advantages of each of them, while eliminating their weaknesses. Visually, it could be just a simple sealed tag on the product. However, eKey Secure DtsL has multiple complementary features including:

      - The medium used: which prevents any re-use or copying for fraudulent purposes

      - The code in the label: which is inviolable  and offers a speed of use

      - The scan of eKey Secure DtsL: which allows to follow the product wherever it is in the world and at each stage of its packaging and marketing process allowing a real and secure traceability.

All these features make  each eKey Secure DtsL unique and prevent its imitation and reproduction.

The eKey Secure DtsL Diagram